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Summit Industrial is a Procurement, Construction, Construction Maintenance, and Management (PCM) Company, providing contracting services for energy and resource development companies, We strive to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and execution within every level of a project’s lifecycle. We partner with clients to consistently provide best-in-class value by executing detailed project plans with exceptional quality management, budget integrity and an unbeatable commitment to safety.


Summit prides itself and has built its reputation on its ability to create lasting working relationships with Clients and Contractors alike. Because of this, we are able to establish team positive environments, where we can then focus on Organizing, Executing and Managing the project. With our in-house technical expertise and experience in construction management, Summit is the right choice when your projects needs are #1. Summit also specializes in providing top end key management, coordination, quality, planning, and field supervision talent to function as Client and Contractor representatives. This ensures your project can maximize profitability.



Summit has the expertise and resources to create solutions for custom steel fabrication, miscellaneous metals as well as process piping for the construction industry. Environmental facilities require equipment and system maintenance after construction to ensure the facility remains capable of meeting the original operational design. With our experience and skilled craft base, Summit can fulfill your construction needs



Summit is committed to providing quality work to our customers that meets or exceeds the project standards and specifications for materials, workmanship, and schedules, while focusing on a timely a timely and clean turnover while maintaining profitability and competitiveness. Summit seeks to achieve quality by instilling the principle of “Building to last from day one” in the efforts of all levels of the project. We create a client interface for ease of reporting and practices that make our projects efficient and ultimately surpass our clients expectations. Summit ensures continual improvement through quality processes which are directed by a strong management team. Summit can also be your standalone quality management professionals bringing in top auditors, inspectors and NDE professionals.



Summit’s commitment to safety is unmatched. In fact, Summit has met several Project Safety KPI’s and will continue to reach several more with our unique approach to safety. We believe that all injuries are preventable, and that proper planning is the key to identifying and eliminating risks. We take it further by evaluating our projects daily from multiple perspectives to proactively identify and adapt to project changes as well as reward our team for their improving safety contributions. Summit knows that safety also doesn’t stop when the job does and that safety cautious people live safer more productive lives.

'...Summit's Commitment to Succeed revolves around being SAFE, PLANNED, and PRODUCTIVE.'


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