Summit Industrial Services
August 8, 2020

Our Projects

LNG Canada, Kitimat BC.

  • Cedar Valley Lodge (CVL) Construction
  • Temporary Construction Facility (TCF) Construction
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Early works and site Infrastructure
  • 600KV high voltage line
  • HP Natural gas supply line

RMGTL Bio Diesel Pilot Plant, Carseland Ab.

  • New Construction

Suncor – Fort Hills, Fort McKay Ab.

  • First Froth
  • NOx Furnace Emissions Reduction
  • U&O construction
  • Firehall/Warehouse/Mill shop/ Control Room Construction
  • SCBA fill and MTCE station
  • Fit and Finish (final grade, hydroseeding, asphalt/paving, bollards)
  • Primary Pond liner repair
  • Valve Actuator retrofits
  • PSV vibration mitigation
  • Robson Camp Decommission
  • Perimeter/Security gate fence installation
  • Weigh Scale construction
  • Blast Mitigation and asset reinforcements
  • Warehouse/Nuclear storage security/door/automation upgrades
  • Logan Camp Construction and Warranty work
  • Secondary Debottlenecking

Suncor – Base Plant, Fort McMurray Ab.

  • 2018 Spring and Fall MTCE Turnarounds
  • Caustic Injection Project
  • Vessel Reclamation
  • In Situ Valve replacements – Plant 5,6

Suncor – Firebag, Fort McKay Ab.

  • Well Pad Construction Program (Pad 109, 114, 116, 118)
  • Phase 4 Construction

Imperial Oil Aspen Project, Fort Mackay Ab.

  • Early works and Temp Facilities

North West Redwater (NWR), Redwater Ab.

  • NWR Tank Farm Construction

CNRL Horizon – Fort McKay Ab.

  • Water Treatment Plant Construction

Agrium – Fort Saskatchewan Ab.

  • 2014 FNO Turnaround and Vessel MTCE

Athabasca Oil Construction (AOC), Hanging Stone Ab.

  • Phase 1 construction.

Dow Chemical, Fort Saskatchewan Ab.

  • FS1 More Project (Reactor Replacement and Associated piping)

Dow Chemical Prentice, Lacombe Ab.

  • 2015 Spring Turnaround
  • 2013 Spring Turnaround

Enbridge Pipelines, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Boyle, Lac Labiche, Conklin

  • Waupisoo expansion Project.
  • Line 18 Terminal Construction (Stonefell, Abee, Cheecham, and Leismer)

Shell Scotford, Fort Saskatchewan Ab.

  • 2013 HMU Maintenance T/A
  • 2012 RHC Maintenance T/A
  • 2009 RHC Maintenance T/A

Shell Waterton, Waterton Ab.

  • Waterton Optimization Project

Shell Chemical, Fort Saskatchewan Ab.

  • 2011 Maintenance Turnaround

Coop Refinery, Regina Sk.

  • Upgrader Expansion Project (New Construction)